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The United States Marijuana Party – is a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their government because of marijuana prohibition and other political issues. We are fed up with the intrusion into our personal lives, with urine testing at work and at school, with armed home invasions, and with the possibility of prison because of a plant.7-8ft Folding Gymnastics Floor Balance Beam Skill Performance Train Excersice URDiving SUPER Bright LED Flashlight Torch Photography Video Light Torch 18650Lamp

WE are Americans and WE do not want or need “drug testing”!

WE feel it is time for the 20 million plus Americans who smoke marijuana on a regular basis to stop hiding their love for this plant and unite as one large body of voters to demand an end to the “unconstitutional prohibition of marijuana and the drug war”.

The War on Drugs causes more harm than the drugs themselves ever will.

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United WE are a potential 20 million vote or more political machine. WE want to live free and WE must be determined to stand up, be counted, demonstrate, rally, and write.

Waiting for the government to silence us all in the American prison system is not an option! Too many of our brethren are there, in prison right now.

More Americans are in jail today for marijuana offenses than at any previous time in American history. The war against marijuana is a genocidal war waged against us by a government determined to eradicate our plant, our culture, our freedom and our political rights.48V 30A 50A SMT BMS System 16S series LiFePO4 LimPO4 Battery cell Balance

“We seek to remove all penalties for adults 18 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner.”

“We demand an end to the war on productive and otherwise law abiding citizens by the powers that be who claim to protect us.”

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We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged.

We demand that all property seized in marijuana raids be returned to the rightful owners at once.

We demand that our law enforcement officers make more efficient use of our tax dollars and use the resources they have at their disposal to go after violent criminals and crimes that actually have victims.

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We demand that you stop treating us like second class citizens for consuming something that is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, both of which are legal and Camping Tent Single Layer Outdoor Portable UV-resistant Army Greencause numerous deaths each year. Cannabis has never caused one.

What Does The U.S. Marijuana Party Do?

The United States Marijuana Party is here to help citizens take control of our out-of-control government and to return the power to the people as it should be.

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WE plan to run candidates on the Marijuana Party ticket in local, state, and national elections, and to debate this issue whenever and wherever the opportunity arises!

If you do not have a chapter of the US Marijuana Party in your area START ONE NOW!

How Can I Help The U.S. Marijuana Party?

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You can start a Chapter or support the U.S. Marijuana Party in your State.

Show up at or hold pro-cannabis events in your area.

Write letter to the editors of newspapers, Work Rope 3.2 m Base Line Lead Rope with Bull Snap Knitted Western Rope for ...12PCS USA Archery Carbon Arrows REAL Turkey Feather TIP Sp500 F Recurvebowand your elected officials calling for an end to cannabis prohibition and the drug war.

Another thing that anyone can do is simply to talk about the issue with friends, relatives and co-workers at every given opportunity.

The more we push this controversial topic into the spotlight to be discussed, the sooner the night-mare of prohibition will come to an end.Abetta Halter with Wide Noseband with Cross OverlayCondor Outdoor Cipher Pants (Flat Dark Earth W32 x L32) 33034

It’s NOT what others do, but what YOU DO!

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